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It is our mission to take your dream adventure, organize it and bring it to fruition.  We specialize in organizing and leading climbs, treks and motorcycle tours throughout the United States and around the world.  There is no summit too high, no destination too remote, no adventure too far from reach.


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Imagine your dream trip.  Fill it with richness of culture, adventure of travel, satisfaction of success.  Let us make it happen.

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Upcoming Special Event:  In addition to his regular guiding in the Tetons and Sierra, Jeff is pleased to announce that he will be guiding on Mt. Everest in 2014.  This trip is in partnership with Jim Williams and his company, Exploradus.  We to invite you to join us, whether it be to ascend Mount Everest as part of the expedition, or to trek up to Everest Base Camp with us in support of the expedition and the team members.  There will be other climbs in association with the expedition, including an opportunity to climb Nuptse, in addition to trekking peaks in the region.    Click here for more details    Visit the Exploradus Homepage here.